AVM PH 30.3 Phono StagePH 30.3 Phono Stage

The PH 30.3 is a versatile, stand-alone phono stage usable with the A 30.3 integrated, or any line stage preamplifier. Phono cartridges produce very low-level signals, and the PH 30.3’s heavy extruded aluminum chassis provides optimal shielding, and the circuit’s ultra-short signal path further guarantees that the precious music signal will remain pure, and free of noise or interference. An external power supply also aids in protecting the equalization circuitry from EMI.

The unit can provide stunning sound quality from either MC or MM cartridges; separate inputs are provided for both types, with operational mode selected by a back-panel switch. Plug-in load adapters can be used to provide optimal matching for MC cartridges, and will remain stable over time, unlike commonly-used DIP switches. The PH 30.3 also pairs perfectly with either model AVM Rotation turntable, and its brushed finish matches other 30.3 series components. Black only.

PH 30.3 Features

  • Phono Stage MM & MC (switchable)
  • Separate Phono Inputs for MM & MC (external load plugs included)
  • RIAA Equalization Class-A
  • Subsonic Filter
  • External Silent Power Supply
  • Phono Load Adapter für 100/200/1000 Ohm
  • Solid Aluminium Chassis

AVM PH 30.3 Phono Stage Rear View

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