• Hi-Fi News Reviews SME Model 60 Turntable

    Thu, 04 Aug 2022

    "The new standard by which all high-end turntables should be judged."

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  • Michael Fremer Reviews SME Model 6

    Thu, 27 May 2021

    "The Model 6 delivered sonic satisfaction. the more I used it, the more I enjoyed it."

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  • SME Model 12 Wins Absolute Sound's Turntable of the Year Award

    Tue, 16 Feb 2021

    "Many arm/table combinations costing multiples of its price come nowhere near this level of execution and performance."

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  • What Hi-Fi? Reviews SME Model 6

    Tue, 17 Nov 2020

    "The Model 6 serves up a full dose of the brand's sonic DNA at a more approachable price."

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  • Paul Seydor of The Absolute Sound Reviews SME Model 12A

    Thu, 11 Jun 2020

    "The 12A may be the weltereight but it can certainly hold its own with the big boys."

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  • Hi-Fi News Reviews SME Model 12

    Wed, 29 Jan 2020

    "A package that punches far above its weight when it comes to value for money."

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  • Stereo Magazine Germany Reviews the Model 12

    Tue, 28 Jan 2020

    "The Model 12 is simple SME at its best!"

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  • Ken Kessler Reviews SME Model 15

    Wed, 02 Aug 2017

    "The world is awash with delightful turntables but this is the world's best deck below £10k."

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