AVM A8.3 Integrated AmplifierGerman Engineering. Sublime Musicality.

Audio video Manufaktur (AVM) has been building handcrafted luxury products in Germany since 1986. All design and engineering is done in house, resulting in products that represent the finest in German engineering and design.

AVM offers a full range of hi-fi products, addressing the needs of both modern music lovers and serious audiophiles. Whether you want a one-box solution, a full blown reference system, or something in between, and no matter the source of your music - computer, streaming, records, CD, or even a smart phone - AVM has a solution for you.

AVM App User InterfaceAll-In-Ones

The AVM product range begins with the industry’s most distinctive all-in-one Streaming Receivers. If you want streaming, DAC, phono, CD, Bluetooth, headphones, or all of the above, with up to 250 WPC, AVM's one-box music systems offer true high-end performance. They also support all the latest formats, and are genuinely intuitive and easy to use: just add speakers and press play.

A World Leader in Streaming

Over the past 30 years AVM has established itself as a leading German luxury brand and has earned a reputation for making exceptional streaming products. AVM streamers have beautiful, intuitive, well-developed apps that are truly a pleasure to use. And, perhaps more importantly, AVM has the experience and economies of scale to utilize and support all the latest formats in the fast-changing digital world.

AVM Vacuum Tube Line StageAVM 30.3 Series

For 2021, AVM is refreshing its popular 30th Anniversary series. The new AVM 30.3 series offers budding audiophiles eminently musical components, with all the inputs and conveniences you would expect from a modern design – all at a price that’s surprisingly affordable. For example, the 30.3 integrated amplifier offers RCA and XLR inputs, 192/24 DAC, Bluetooth, remote control and 100 watts per channel – all for only $4,295.

High-End Systems

If you’ve got the time, the space and the inclination and want the very best have a listen to AVM’s high-end amplifiers, streaming preamplifiers and monoblocks. With their proprietary vacuum tube line stages, short circuit paths, best-of-breed components, fanatical attention to detail and world-class German build quality, AVM’s high-end systems bring the concert hall to your home, delivering a lifetime of listening pleasure and pride of ownership.

How The AVM Masterpieces Are Made

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