Introducing Questyle

Questyle, in business since 2012, is a rarity in the world of audio: a company that mirrors the passion and vision of a single individual, and translates that person’s ideas into mature, thoughtful products that are technologically advanced, beautifully-made---and sound terrific.

Jason Wang’s fascination with audio and the devices that reproduce it began when he was seven years old. Over the next decade, he disassembled and rebuilt every piece of audio gear he encountered, and matured to the level of designing and building his own circuits. In college, a EE major was a natural fit, and he began the development of a number of technologies that are now proprietary to Questyle and protected by worldwide patents.

Questyle’s approach to personal audio is unconventional: design innovative and superior circuitry as a result of fundamental research, and match or exceed the performance and sound quality of the best home and studio gear in compact, personal or portable products. Combined with impeccable manufacturing by Foxconn, Questyle’s products can compete with anyone’s---and win. In a field where companies come and go, Questyle has grown, thrived, and proven itself to be in business for the long run.

Questyle products have been featured in rave reviews worldwide, and have received such prestigious awards as the CES Innovation award and the iF Design Award, for excellence in industrial design. Such recognition is rare for audio products, and indicates the care that goes into Questyle’s product designs and user interfaces.

With Questyle, form and function are in perfect unity.

Questyle CMA Twelve Headphone Amp & DAC

Questyle Awards

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